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starting to walk

Time is something that I feel I never have enough of. There are always things I want to do but never get to. Whether it is calling a friend, heading out to a local shop, doing some kind of exercise, or completing tasks around the house – I always feel like I never have enough time. And then it hit me – I have to be intentional about how I use my time.

That is when I decided to hold myself accountable. I started making a small daily list of things I wanted to do each day. Nothing huge or dramatic but simple, obtainable, and realistic task like go through the pile of mail, putting away a load of laundry, or actually sorting the socks. I’ll admit to usually throwing all the socks in a drawer and praying I can match them when I need to. While the list worked great for most things there was one task that was never checked off.

Every day I wrote down – do some type of exercise – which was too vague. There was no real goal – just a suggestion. I set out to set a real goal like do 30 minutes of kickboxing or 25 minutes of yoga… something specific. I am a researcher at heart. I want to learn as much as I can before making a choice which led me to watch exercise videos instead of actually exercising. I watched them all the time from my chair or while sitting on the sofa. Dance tutorials, stretching techniques, yoga moves, and watching others exercise became more entertainment than motivation. “There lived a certain man in Russia long ago, He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow” if you know this song then you know how much time you can waste looking at videos on social media.  Since searching online for ideas wasn’t working I decided to be more intentional in my search. What is an exercise that 1) I would actually enjoy, 2) would require minimal equipment and, 3) was easy to do. That is when I remembered 99 Walks.

99 Walks is a fitness program, website, and app that is easy to use and affordable. Each month you choose how many miles to walk either alone, by joining a group, or by creating your own group. At the end of the month – if you meet your goal – they send you a bracelet with that month’s theme on it. I used this program previously and enjoyed it so I feel like this is a good realistic fit for me. There are different types of coaching classes on the app that I haven’t tried yet but I they are on my list. I was so excited I didn’t even wait until Monday – I started today.

I would love for y’all to join me on this walking journey with 99 walks. Full disclosure – I earn commissions for purchases made through this link HERE


Where are the best places to go for a walk in Polk County?

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