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Celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser is known for her impressive client list (including buff moms like Kelly Ripa and Sarah Jessica Parker) and her amazing fitness studios, offering cutting edge instruction in NYC, East Hampton and CT, as well as virtually. But she also loves bringing clients to the beach for workouts, and since many of us will be hitting the beach this month for family vacations, we asked Anna to share some of her beach workout tips, below.

Why is the beach such a great place for a workout?
The beach is such a beautiful place to connect to the earth and sea while getting a good dose of Vitamin D,  which is integral for bone density, muscle repair, and overall health and wellbeing. From a fitness perspective, sand destabilizes your base of support, so your body has to work harder in each exercise!  Plus, the sand is usually soft enough not to need a mat for floor exercises!

What are some specific workout moves that are enhanced by doing them at the beach?
Any power moves that incorporate jumping will be more challenging as well as any balancing exercises that cause you to fight for stability.  You will recruit more muscles more deeply.

What is a 15-minute beach workout you like to go through with clients?

  1. Start with a beautiful 5 minute walk/run along the beach to get your heart rate going and warm yourself up.
  2. Then, hit a plank for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of mountain climbers, to engage every muscle in your body, strengthen your core, and bring awareness to your posture.  
  3. From there, perform 10 pushups (full or on knees) and then hold a side plank for 30 seconds.  Repeat on the other side.  
  4. Stand up and perform 10 walking lunges (uphill on sand if possible), then run back with high knees.  Repeat 4x.  
  5. Finish your lower body workout with lateral leg pulses for 1 minute on each side either lying on your side or in a half side plank.  
  6. Lastly, head into the shallow waves and hold a teaser for 1 min as the waves rush around you!! Try not to put down your legs!  If anything, just grab the back of your legs with your hands for a rest!  Then pulse your knees into your chest, alternating your weight from right to left, with your hands on the ground 16x.   
  7. Repeat the entire workout, including the 5 minute run 1-2x!


Anything else we should remember for beach workouts?
Don’t forget to bring a bluetooth speaker or headphones + a great playlist to motivate you and keep you going!  (Tip: Don’t wear AirPods – they will fall out and get lost in the sand/water! Headset is better…)  Working out is always better with a friend.  Set a date and grab a smoothie or iced tea together after the workout!  (Fashion tip: Be aware of the outfit you choose, especially the straps on the top.  They may have a lasting effect!)


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