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National Holidays

Each month we share National Holidays that are celebrated during that month. Some are fun and some are serious. I usually pick a few of the fun ones to celebrate with my family. It’s a little unexpected surprise during a regular week that gives us all a reason to be silly. I want to invite you to join me in celebrating these holidays too. Pick one or two and have fun with it.

Here are the National Holidays in August that caught our eye.

orange kitten

August 8 – International Cat Day

Cats can be traced back to ancient Egypt where they were viewed as Gods. After the end of the Egyptian dynasty, cats became popular pets. The oldest known pet cat existed 9,500 years ago and was discovered mummified in Cyprus. Here are some fun facts about cats. They only Meow to talk to humans – they do not meow to talk to each other. Cats can also run up to 30 mph. It is scientifically proven that Cats help to improve mental health as stress relievers just by being themselves

Comic Books

August 14  – Free Comic Book Day

Publishers like DC Comics, Marvel Comics, and other publishers distribute specially printed copies of comic books on this day. It is done to celebrate the artist and work that makes graphic comics so special to so many people. Comic Book Day is usually celebrated in May but was moved to August for 2021. 

soft serve cone

August 19 – National Soft Ice Cream Day

Soft Ice Cream or Soft-Serve Ice Cream is probably my favorite type of Ice Cream. Ice Cream has been around for a long time with reports of it going as far back as Emperor Nero of Rome. However, soft ice cream didn’t come onto the scene around the time of World War II. Both Dairy Queen and Carvel have anecdotal stories of how they created soft ice cream. While who created it is up for debate we can all agree on one thing – it is delicious.and today is a perect day to grab your favorite soft serve treat.

cuban sandwich

August 23 – National Cuban Sandwich Day

I love Cuban sandwiches. After living in Miami for 20+ years my version is very different than what is commonly found in Central Florida. Cuban sandwiches consist of pork, ham, cheese, and mustard on Cuban bread. In Tampa, they add lettuce, tomato, and salami. In South Florida, they don’t add anything else. My favorite version is one I had in Pembroke Pines, Fl that included sweet plantains and extra cheese on top. Whatever version you like – today is the day to enjoy it. 

Dog Day

August 26 – National Dog Day

National Dog Day began in 2004 as a way to encourage adopting animals from rescue shelters. It was the brainchild of Colleen Paige, a Pet & Family Lifestyle Expert and Animal Advocate. Roughly 1.6 million dogs are rescued yearly through adoption in the United States. Dogs are routinely used as therapy tools to helcomfort and sooth anxiety, depression and more.   A great way to recognize this day is by volunteering at a rescue center or donating items to a rescue center. 

Let us know what you think.

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