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This month’s local Meet a Mom is all about Rebecca MacPherson with HP Comics.  Rebecca is a stepmom to three amazing boys. Here’s a bit more about Rebecca, HP Comics, what she does, local favorites, and more:

Tell us about your business and how you came up with your name? 

My name is Rebecca MacPherson, my husband, author Dwight L. MacPherson, and I run an independent publishing company, Hocus Pocus Comics. Our focus is to see our graphic novels being used hand-in-hand with the school curriculum. We got the idea for the name for our company from our belief that imagination is magical—and what came to mind immediately was that familiar magical phrase.

What is your job?

My role within the company is VP, Admin, and Managing Editor, which means that I wear many hats at any given time! One day I could be editing a story, another day I will be co-writing a story or submitting PR materials. I handle all of our social media accounts, so that has me generating content nonstop!

How did you meet Dwight?

My background is in TV/Film and Theatre production. Before meeting Dwight, I lived and worked in Los Angeles as an independent producer. My day job was many positions on the Tribune Studios and Fox Studios lots. Our story is interesting because I was browsing some new titles at my local comic bookstore when I discovered Dwight’s graphic novel, Dead Men Tell No Tales. I was interested to find out if the rights had been sold, as I was hoping to produce it for film. Long story short, flash forward two years, and after many coast-to-coast Google chats, we discovered our love for each other. I ended up becoming a wife and a mom of 3 amazing young boys on the same day when we married in 2009! That background enables me to always see the big picture of a project and it inspires me to pursue different mediums to get our stories out there to as many readers as possible!

What’s the best thing about your job?

The best thing about my job is that we get to tell the stories we want to tell, and we do it our way. We can pick a creative team and we develop the project from start to finish without a board of directors or room full of editors who want to change the direction of the story. We can take our stories on the road by selling our books at local markets as well as having them in local bookstores, libraries, and online via our website and Amazon.

How do you juggle work with parenting?

I have 3 amazing stepsons: Clayton, who is 25 and serves as a Tech Sergeant in the Air Force, Duncan, our middle son who is 23 and lives on his own, and Logan, our youngest who is a Pharmacy Technician in the Air Force, will turn 21 this October. I love them like my own and I am very proud of the men they have become. Dwight and I are empty nesters now, and it is incredible to be able to relate to them as adults and share their experiences as adults. So, my days of crazy wake-up calls and juggling are behind me…until they bring home grandchildren!

What do you love about living in Polk County?

I love living in Polk County because there are many areas that remind me of California. There are lots of things to do on any given day, and where we live (Lakeland), it is conveniently situated between Orlando and Tampa. You are never more than 45 minutes to an hour away from a new adventure!

What’s your favorite restaurant and/or place to shop in Polk County?

Our favorite places to eat? Well, I really enjoy food truck rallies which expose you to different kinds of food. For cocktails, we love Mojo Federal Swine & Spirits, Mike’s Grill in Bartow is one of those old-fashioned diners that serves scrumptious comfort food, and the atmosphere is reminiscent of childhood restaurants I frequented in NYC. Another favorite is Catfish Country, and for a New York-type deli and great breakfast, we like Fat Jacks. We often end up at Twistee Treat for dessert. Their cheesecake ice cream is insanely delicious!

What’s the best advice you have received?

The best advice I have received? I learned a lot being a mom of three boys. My husband always advised me not to sweat the small stuff and to pick my battles. My mom is also another source of endless wisdom! One thing she told me is to remind myself to intentionally live in the moment of every minute of your day!


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