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About Lauren 

Sometime you meet someone online and immediately sense a connection to them. They seem approachable and genuine and you want to be their friend. That is how I feel about Lauren. 

Lauren is straightforward, honest and real which I appreciate it. As a mom of 1 I am in awe of how she handles her 5. Learn more about Lauren in this months Meet A Mom

Meet Lauren

Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m Lauren Crosby Bretz. Certified Holistic Health Professional, Emotional Release Expert, and Relationship Coach. My company is called Restoring You. My parents, sisters, and their families all live in Winter Haven! I was born in Lake County and we moved to Polk when I was 10. I graduated from Southeastern University in Lakeland in 2004. I moved away in 2004 and came back in 2017. I’ll never leave again. 🙂

I have 5 children. They’re 17, 16, 14, 12, and 8. I juggle working and being a single mom with prayer, my planner, people, and a Stress Away essential oil roll-on. Sometimes, I have no idea what is happening and feel like I’m living in total chaos. My planner really does help to keep my brain on track and my community of people is incredible.

How did your business come about?
I started my first business in 2013 out of desperation to help my eldest son with his health issues. I started my second business in 2020 as a piggyback on my first. I have been coming alongside women for many years, even before I started my businesses, so it’s a blessing to still be able to do what I love as a career.

What are your biggest challenges?
My biggest challenge is myself – sometimes I get in my own way by not managing my mind or my time well!

What has been your biggest success?
My biggest successes are when my clients get amazing results – when they see real change in their health, emotional, physical, mental, or all!

What are your goals?
My goal is to double the size of my client base over the next 2 years so that I’m serving more people, especially in the Polk County area.

What do you love about living in Polk County? What do you dislike?
I love living in Polk County because of all of the exciting, new growth! I love how my city, Winter Haven, is evolving and becoming so adorable and enjoyable! It’s also so conveniently located to Tampa or Orlando. I dislike not having a Target in Winter Haven. Major dislike.

What’s your favorite place to be in Polk County?
I love being at home, at my office, or at Haven Coffee roasters.

What is the best advice you have been given?
The best advice I’ve been given is to know my limits, slow down and rest. I can tend to be extremely driven, but I’m at my best when I prioritize rest and staying within my human limitations/boundaries.

What is your must-have this year?
My must-have this year is renewing my Walt Disney Annual Pass. I can’t imagine life without it! 

What’s your favorite part of parenting? Least favorite?
My favorite part of parenting is developing relationships with my children. I love knowing them, listening to them, and encouraging them to become who they were made to be. My least favorite part is all of the driving around to different activities or busyness that takes us all in different directions!

What is your “mom” uniform?
My mom uniform varies, depending on the day…I can go from looking like a total hobo in my sweats to a simple pair of jeans and a pretty shirt. I really enjoy my Mom-goes-to-Disney uniform very much.


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