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Meet Orlando and Becki, the dynamic duo behind this family-oriented balloon artistry business.  By day, they’re dedicated working parents, and by night, they transform into balloon artists extraordinaire, with their girls often joining in the fun. Their journey into the world of balloon artistry began organically, fueled by a shared passion for decorating and celebrating life’s moments.  For Orlando and Becki, consistency is key, both in parenting and business. Their goal is to make Diaz & Co. Balloons their full-time focus, fueled by the inspiration of their family and the world around them.

Learn more about Becki & Orlando in our interview below and connect with them online (links below)

How many kids do you have and what are their ages? How do you juggle work with being a parent? 
We have two girls, Emma Grace (Almost 6 year old) and Elsi Grace (2). During the day Orlando works from home as an IT Specialist/Digital Artist and Becki is a Substitute Teacher. At night we both become balloons artist. Our kids mean the world to us. We are very intentional to not let our work consume us and take us away from our girls. It’s a family thing! If our girls can be with us on a job then we take that opportunity to bring them to help, which they do! After all, what’s better than playing with your kids and balloons?! If not. We have a big family that supports us and watches our girls for a bit. We really couldn’t do this without them.
How did your business come about? What are your biggest challenges? Biggest successes? What are your goals?
So funny thing about this, Orlando actually got bit by the balloon bug first. Becki quickly followed. We have always decorated for our own events and family parties. One day we decided why not do this for clients and make it a business. Boom. Diaz & Co. Balloons was born. Our biggest challenge is running our business using our Dodge Journey. We pack so many balloons in that thing. But one our goals is to finally get our own cargo van to expand our business!
What’s your favorite part of parenting? least favorite?
Our favorite part of parenting is seeing our girls grow and living life with them. We always notice little things about them that change from day to day. Make sure to stop and just soak in your little ones because they won’t be that little for long. Our least favorite thing, the spicy little attitudes that two Hispanic girls give us on a daily basis. Say a prayer for us friends.
What do you love about living in Polk County? What do you dislike?
Polk County is all our little family has known. The festivals, vendor markets, days in the park, sunsets, etc. We love a lot about it. I would say the only thing, and this is the majority vote, we don’t like the mosquitoes.
What’s your favorite place to be in Polk County? 
Between the both us our favorite place, hands down, is a good ole thrift store. An early Saturday morning with an ice coffee and looking for hidden treasures is our favorite. Also, a Polk County Moms Vendor Event is pretty sweet too.
What is the best advice you have been given? 
The best advice we have been given, as a business, is to stay consistent. Even on the days you don’t feel like it, stay consistent. Push and show up when you don’t feel like it and it will all work out.
What is your every day style?
Tshirt and jeans for sure. That goes for both of us.
What is your ultimate goal?
Our ultimate goal is for Diaz & Co. Balloons to be our main focus. Doing balloons every day, full time would be the greatest thing. That’s the dream. That’s the goal.
What inspires you? 
Personally, we are inspired by our family. Everything we do is for them and they are our driving force. For our business, we are really inspired by anything and everything. A tablecloth, a Pinterest pin, a commercial, a song, etc. Our inspo for events really can come from anywhere.

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