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7 Great Gift Ideas For Teacher Appreciation Week

and 4 Gifts to Avoid

Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week of May and it is the ideal time to let teachers know they are appreciated. Forget the usual gifts, here are some ideas:

1. Handwritten Love: Get your kiddo to write a heartfelt note to their teacher, telling them how they’ve rocked their world with their teaching style. Younger kids can make a card for their teacher.

2. Supply Drop: Help stock up their classroom with supplies. You know, those things they end up buying themselves. Let’s give their wallets a break! Many teachers have Amazon Wish List or you can buy office supplies you know they will need such as paper, dry erase pencils & erasers, highlighters, pens, tissues, wipes and so on.

3. Personal Touch: If you know a bit about their interests, surprise them with something related! A kitchen gadget for the chef, a gift card to a local book store for the bookworm, or golf balls for the golf enthusiast. You can also give them a gift card and write in suggestions so they know you bought it with their interest in mind. Think outside the box – for instance I know my sons teacher has a younger child who plays travel sports. Items that will be useful to her include a travel fan or a cooling towel, maybe a travel emergency kit to keep in the car in case someone is sick or needs a Band-Aid or deodorant because boys…

4. Principal’s Pet: Write a letter to the principal or school board singing the teacher’s praises. Make them shine in front of the boss!

5. Group Hug: Pool in with other parents for a bigger gift from the whole class. You can buy one large item or everyone can pick a place and everyone buys their own gift card to the location. Think spa days, fancy dinners, or tickets to a big game or local attraction! 

6. Local Love: Gift cards to local spots are always a hit. Whether it’s a nearby shop, restaurant, book store or movie theater, let them enjoy the best of their area. 

7. Book Bonanza: For the little ones, donate a book to the classroom library with a sweet note inside from your child. It’s a gift that keeps on giving!


Teachers appreciate being acknowledged and most appreciate any and all gifts. These are just a few that we recommend you steer clear of.

1. Coffee Cups: Seriously, how many can one person use? I am a coffee cup hoarder and stockpile them but even I have limits not to mention lack the space to store them.

2. Scented Stuff: Let’s not play roulette with scents, okay? Between personal taste and allergies it is best to avoid scented items.

3. Baked Goods: Not everyone’s into sweets, plus there might be allergies or diets to consider.

4. Knick Knacks: Cute, but they can pile up real quick! Think how many a teacher will get over the course of their career. Unless you know they absolutely love a specific theme – avoid this one.

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