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5 Tips to Make Back-to-School Time Great

Back to school happens every year. And every year I feel like it sneaks up and catches all of us by surprise. Every year I strive to be better prepared and to help my child be ready for the school year.

Over the years I started implementing these tips in the weeks leading up to the school year. They are simple to implement and make a world of difference.

I hope they help you out as well!

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Parent & Teacher Tips 

Bedtime Routines

Every summer I promise to keep our bedtime routine going. By the third week, I don’t even remember what the routine was. We sleep in late, eat meals at odd hours, and generally stay up late.

While that makes for a relaxed summer, it isn’t ideal for the school year. To start getting on schedule we start gradually adjusting our bedtime routine 2 to 3 weeks before school starts. Each night we move up bedtime which will help them adjust to the new schedule without shocking them. We also start waking them up earlier daily instead of letting them sleep in.

Food Schedule

Our summer food schedule is a mess. There are no set hours but there are tons of snacks. I’m pretty sure my kid has snacks hidden throughout the house.

Unfortunately, schools don’t allow for that schedule. As we start working on adjusting the bedtime routine we also start working on eating at appropriate times. That means an early breakfast, small snacks midday, and lunch well before 3 pm – that’s our current lunchtime. Creating a food schedule will make school because hungry kids do not do well in school.

School Supplies

Get the kids excited for school by letting them help choose their school gear.  A new backpack, lunchbox, water bottle, or even colorful notebooks can help kids feel better about going back to school. School supplies don’t have to be expensive to be exciting. My son loves colorful post-it notes and sharp new color pencils – that’s exciting enough for him. 

Get Togethers

A late summer get-together with friends gives them all a chance to catch up and talk about the upcoming year.  Reconnecting with classmates can work wonders if the kids hadn’t had a chance to see each other much during the summer. Knowing their friends will be at school does wonders for easing the back to school jitters.

Open House

If you can attend the teacher events or parents-only events – go! Kids aren’t the only ones who need to reconnect before school starts. It is a great way to meet other parents, reconnect and know more about your child’s classmates. 

Visiting the school before school starts can also help ease anxiety. If you can visit the classroom with your child – please do. It will help the child know where to go – a common concern – on the first day. 


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