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Happy Earth Day


Earth Day was first celebrated on May 21, 1970, as a way to honor the earth. It is now celebrated in over 193 countries. Normally every year a theme is assigned for the celebration. This year Earth Day has gone digital and you can see all the planned events on the Earth Day website. While a lot of the normal gatherings and events won’t be happening this year you can still celebrate Earth Day at home and all year long.

We’ve made a list of 5 simple things everyone can do to celebrate Earth Day throughout the year.

  1. Use reusable shopping bags. According to the Waste Management Northwest, there are over 4 trillion plastic bags used each year. Did you know that over 100,000 marine animals die yearly from confusing plastic bags as food? Using reusable shopping bags for trips to the grocery may seem like a small thing but it makes a large impact on our environment.
  2. Reduce water usage – According to Boston University, the average person in the US uses 25,300 gallons of water a year. For every minute you are in the shower you use roughly 5 gallons of water. A 20-minute shower uses 100 gallons of water. By taking shorter showers you can drastically reduce your water usage. Another way to reduce water usage is by turning the water off when brushing your teeth instead of letting the water run. If you let the water run for 3 minutes during each teeth brushing session that is over 30 gallons of water (2 sessions daily).
  3. Recycle eyelash mascara wands – The Appalachian Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina collects the old or used lash wands and re-purposes them to provide care for injured wildlife. The wands help to remove the unwanted pests from the animal’s skin. They ask that the wands be washed in soapy water and any mascara residue removed before mailing.
  4. Use an Ice Cream Cone instead of a Cup – Ok, I know this sounds crazy BUT hear me out. Cups are usually made of paper and normally biodegradable. However, Ice cream cones are edible and the result is zero waste. Also, it is a great way to say you are saving the planet – one ice cream cone at a time!
  5. Plant local plants – Did you know that by planting native plants you can save money and time? These plants require fewer chemicals and have a better chance of thriving in your garden. Additionally, native plants attract more bees which is better for the whole area.

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